Bag Wash

Complete Bag Wash Services In Sydney


Laundry made easy

Let Quality Dry Cleaners make laundry day simple, fast and easy. We provide a thorough cleaning according to all care labels, with the use of high-grade fabric softener standard in every wash. All items are then properly dried, fluffed and folded. We will even pair socks and keep like-items together to make the put-away at home even easier. Never worry about what items need to be washed cold, which need to be warm and what should be washed with what. Our expert team will take care of everything properly and you will get to take home fresh, clean clothing.

We have been members of the DIA since 1999

Call our team

Feel free to talk to us if you have any questions or if you want to schedule a one-off or a repeating bag wash. We service the entire Sydney area and welcome new and returning customers.
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