Crystal, Sequins & Beaded Garments

Crystal, Sequin & Beaded Garment Services In Sydney


Shine worry-free

Sequins, beads, glitters and all other types of ornamental trimmings are coming back in style. We want you to shine your fullest without worrying about dirtying your items. The team here at Quality Dry Cleaners has the skill, knowledge and equipment necessary to preserve the beauty of these fashionable and expensive items so that they bring joy to all who see them for many years to come. Please be aware that sequins, beads and glitter items can only be correctly serviced if they are made properly. If they are made cheaply or with sub-par workmanship, sequins can lose colour or come unravelled, threading may break, and beads can dissolve or transfer dye to the fabric. We will always do our utmost to clean every product sent to us and our gentle machines and solvents can usually clean any item, but we will inform you if we have concerns about a particular item.

If you are not 100% satisfied, there is no charge for our services

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