Deluxe Service

Deluxe Dry Cleaning Services in Gladesville


Extra care for special items

Our deluxe services are reserved for certain garments to preserve their shape, colours and the integrity of the fabric. Items are washed on a short cycle on a low temperature and then hand finished. This service is recommended for delicate, expensive or treasured items. This includes items made of silk chiffon or delicate evening dresses, items with suede and leather trims, beads and sequins, large difficult stains or if the care label specifies this level of care is required. Please note that because of the extra care taken and the amount of additional work needed, deluxe services are charged at a higher rate.

We restore as well as clean

Contact our team

If you have items that need the extra care and attention of our deluxe service or if you would like more information on what we offer to the Sydney area, please give us a call. 
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