Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning In Sydney



Quality Dry Cleaners also recycles reusable coat hangers, so please do not hesitate to bring them back to our store or include them in your VIP bag.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning systems use biodegradable detergent and water. Computer-controlled dryers and finishing equipment ensure that the fabric retains its natural size, shape and texture. Wet cleaning is gentle on clothes, having the ability to spin as slowly as six revolutions-a-minute. A typical domestic washing machine can rotate clothes several dozen times per minute. This wet cleaning system can process most dry-clean-only garments. Garments that can be wet cleaned include leather, suede, silk, rayon and woollens. In some cases, Quality Dry Cleaners prefers to wet clean some garments by hand either to achieve a better result or due to the garments/furnishings age and delicateness. Wet cleaning is a chemical and toxin-free process.
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