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Shirt Cleaning Services In Sydney


Let us help you look your best

The staff at Quality Dry Cleaners in Sydney know that the way you present yourself makes a huge difference in the workplace and in your social life and we will help you present the best possible look to all who see you. Not only do we provide our regularly thorough cleaning and spot cleaning services, but we pay extra attention to collars and cuffs and pressing them to perfection. We pre-treat shirts to eliminate and prevent stains and can starch every shirt to your particular wishes. Depending on the type of shirt, shirts are laundered, pressed and then finished with a hand iron or are more gently washed to preserve the shirt’s shape and hand pressed.

Our reduction-injection chemical process removes all smoke odours

Contact the shirt experts

Whether your shirts are regular business style or fitted and tailored to fit you perfectly, our team is skilled and experienced in producing the best results possible. Call us for service in the Sydney area today.
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