Silk Cleaning Services In Sydney


Keep your silk looking its best

Silk is one of the oldest known fabrics and it can be easily ruined if it is not properly cared for. Quality Dry Cleaners has the qualified team and the latest in equipment needed to clean, preserve and protect all of your silk items. We will be able to get your silk back to its original lustre and beauty. Between cleanings, there are a few things that you can do to help keep your silks in prime condition. Always store your silks in a cool, dry place and never expose them to prolonged sunlight. Perspiration and deodorants can sometimes combine and create discolouration, so be aware of that and dry clean your silks as soon as possible after exposure to perspiration. Some silks bleed when they come in contact with perfumes, cosmetics or any other products or drinks containing alcohol so never attempt to remove stains from silk by rubbing, especially if the fabric is wet. Silk is delicate and damages very easily.

We successfully restore over 98 percent of everything we clean

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